Editing Services

Person Writing


$7.50 per page

We convert your handwritten manuscript into a properly formatted Word document for editing.


You can mail us a copy of your manuscript (not the original!), or scan each page and send them to us via DropBox or Google Drive (we will provide links for these options).

Writing on Computer


$7.50 per page

We look for grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, and other style issues in your typed manuscript.


For this option, we need to have a properly formatted, typed manuscript. Here are the formatting guidelines for copy editing:

  1. Send your manuscript as one Word document (.doc/.docx), do not send individual chapters as separate files.

  2. Font: black, 12-point, Times New Roman. Cool fonts are used later in the interior design process, not in the editing process.

  3. Page size: U.S. standard 8.5×11 inches.

  4. Margins: 1 inch on all sides.

  5. Alignment: left-justified.

  6. Sentence spacing: only use a single space after periods. This is standard in the digital world.

  7. Line spacing: double-spaced.

  8. Paragraph indents: 0.5 inches.

  9. Chapter spacing: use page breaks.

  10. Page numbering: begin on the first page of your content, not on the title page.

Reading Glasses


$2.50 per page

We review a proof of your edited and designed product before printing. We look for typographical errors, as well as any minor text, spacing, and formatting issues.


For this option, you provide us with a print-ready PDF proof of your book.

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